Real Estate Jamaica

Real Estate Jamaica

Jamaica is a fascinating and beautiful nation. Part of the Caribbean island, its topography of mountains, rainforests, and reef-lined beaches create beautiful skylines and lasting sights for all. Although the island's ethnography is predominately of African descent, Jamaica is a culturally rich and diverse country. The population of approximately 3 million people is made up of African, European, East Indian and Chinese heritage.

Jamaica was first settled by Native American tribes, predominately the ‘Arawaks’. Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive in 1494. Years later, the Spanish took over and settled on the island in 1510. Disease, war, and slavery wiped out all the Arawaks tribes. Slaves were brought in from Africa to work on the land and grow sugarcane, a large economical contributor. In 1655, Britain took control of the island from Spain and Jamaica became a British colony. When the English arrived, the Spanish fled but freed their slaves first, escaping into the mountains. These survivors became known as the Jamaican Maroons and would eventually come to fight the British during the 18th century. They established free communities in the mountains in Jamaica and remained free and independent from the British for many years. In the early 1900s, Jamaica gained self-government and control from Britain and in 1962, Jamaica became a fully independent country!

Many of Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts and buildings are clustered in Montego Bay, with its British-colonial architecture. Jamaican Georgian architecture is an architectural style that was popular in Jamaica between 1750 and 1850. It combined the elegance of Georgian styling with functional features and decisions designed to weather Jamaica's tropical climate. Starting from vernacular buildings built by Jamaican natives, pre-Columbian era structures were mostly made from wood and other natural materials sourced from immediate surroundings. 

As the birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica is a city filled with beats and songs. Its capital, Kingston, is home to the Bob Marley Museum. Dedicated to the famous singer, this museum is suitable for all ages and a wonderful tribute to his lasting legacy on Jamaica and its culture. From jet skiing to massages, shopping, a vibrant nightlife, kids’ clubs and yachting - Jamaica truly has something for everyone!

The North West coast is home to some of Jamaica's best beaches. Seven Mile Beach, the best beach in Negril for crystal clear oceans is the best place to soak up the sun and enjoy some family fun or a laid-back vibe. Visit Montego Bay for an incredible snorkelling experience with white sandy shores and lots to see and do!

Restaurants & Food
Jamaica is home to some of the most memorable dishes like jerk chicken, pork, and their fish in an open-air setting where the jerk is smoked and chopped right in front of you. You can often find roadside stalls selling various Jamaican specialties for very cheap prices! Patties for less than US $1. These roadside stalls often sell tropical fruits and vegetables for cheap as well. While visiting make sure to give Ackee and codfish a go! Also known as ackee and saltfish, this delicious combo is Jamaica's national dish. Made with ackee fruit, originally imported to this region from Ghana by slaves in this territory, this dish is a delicious taste of Jamaica!

Transit & Commute Times
Each major town often has its own main taxi and bus park system - a hub where people can transit in and out of town and enjoy the smaller towns of Jamaica. For smaller cities, there are unofficial locations commonly known to get a taxi or shuttle bus! Whatever it may be, Jamaica has a great public transport system to keep you moving and exploring its cities. In the capital city, Kingston, large air-conditioned luxury coaches run regularly on popular routes to take you between towns - they are easily accessible and comfortable to use.

Jamaica is a relatively safe travel destination, provided you avoid areas with high crime statistics. The country receives millions of visitors every year to explore its sandy beaches, urban cities, gorgeous mountains, and thrilling rainforests. Some tips to keep your trip fun and safe are to avoid walking alone, flaunting any valuables, talking to strangers, and booking home rentals without a secure organization. If you are residing at one of Jamaica's beautiful resorts you are generally safe and have security.

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